I will address your detoxification, spiritual (healing aspect), or healing questions in this consult. The duration of the call can vary, so prices start at $1.00/Minute.

In this call, I will do my best to guide you the best I know. This is an opportunity to talk with me on the phone for as long as needed. (minumum 10-minute connection time). The talk has to be on detoxification, health, and spirituality.

Once you purchase this, I will reach out to you to schedule a time suitable for both of us.

Please provide the best contact number when purchasing this option.
Emails can also be sent to: [email protected].

This does not include an iridology reading or assessment form.

If you have issues you want to discuss on the phone, this is the consultation to get.


QuietQrew Herbal Health Club is a private health club. We promote an alkaline diet and botanical protocols to reverse illness and mineral deficiencies. Being a member of our Private Health Club gives you access to vital information on proper diet, botanical regimens, daily routine, and common Dis-Eases that plague the community today. Botanical recommendations are based on health history, blood work, and iridology readings. We offer both free and paid membership to this club. All paid memberships are non-refundable but may be downgraded, paused, or canceled at any time. Your signature indicates acceptance and agreeance to the following terms of membership.

As a member of the QuietQrew Herbal Health Club, I understand that I have the constitutional right to pursue various health practices and consult with those whom I wish to achieve my goals for better health. I enter this agreement on behalf of any person I am legally responsible for, which includes myself, a minor dependent, or any adult I am legally responsible for. This agreement is between the QuietQrew Herbal Health Club and me.

I also understand that I am working with a consultant who makes no claims of being a health practitioner; I do this on my own free will. I understand that no diagnosis or prescription will be given. I understand that Krystel is a Master Herbalist and Master Reiki Healer and that he is not a medical doctor. I also understand that only a medical doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

I will willingly provide the representatives of QuietQrew Herbal Health Club permission (all rights) to openly discuss my personal health concerns as well as solutions to those issues. QuietQrew Herbal Health Club representatives may provide educational information including, but not limited to, fasting, herbal botanicals, diet, nutrition, and other health information which does not include diagnosing or prescribing treatment and is not considered to be a substitute for medically necessary diagnostics.

I fully agree to hold harmless any member or representative of QuietQrew Herbal Health Club with whom I communicate in any manner. I also understand that I am working with a consultant who makes no claims of being a health practitioner; I do this on my own free will. I assume total liability for my actions. I understand and acknowledge that no members of the QuietQrew Herbal Health Club hold malpractice insurance, and I agree to not file a malpractice lawsuit against any member of QuietQrew Herbal Health Club. Any violation of these terms will result in a no-contest legal proceeding against me.

I attest that my actions with the QuietQrew Herbal Health Club are private, and I refuse to share with any state or Federal Regulatory Board, FDA, FTC, Medicaid, or any other insurance company without said permission. I agree to waive all HIPPA privacy rights and complaint processes. I understand that no doctor-patient relationship exists. I understand that it is my responsibility to educate myself on any advice or recommendations given to me by any member of QuietQrew Herbal Health Club.

QuietQrew Herbal Health Club declares one of our primary objectives is to maintain and improve the civil rights, constitutional guarantees, and political freedom of every member throughout the world who chooses to participate in our Private Sector Private Health Club. We believe the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees our members the right to free speech, petition, assembly and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of advising and helping one another to attain vibrant health by asserting our rights under the Federal and State Constitutions and Statutes. It is hereby declared that we, as a Private Sector Private Health Club, are exercising our right of “Freedom of Assembly” as guaranteed by both the 1st and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and the equivalent provisions of the various State Declarations. This means any activities through or within QuietQrew Herbal Health Club are restricted to that of the Private Domain only.

Further, the application of any learned techniques intended to remedy my personal health considerations without a medical doctor’s approval is also of my own free will and is considered an act of exercising my Constitutional Rights. Purchasing QuietQrew Herbal Health Club products as a recommendation for reversing illness and mineral deficiency in the body and cells is only a general recommendation. The recommendations are only suggestions, and I (the client) must take responsibility for further educating and making myself regarding my body’s health issues and receiving proper medical care.

QuietQrew Herbal Health Club products are considered supplements, not cures to conditions such as herpes, cancers, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and others. With a proper diet, these supplements can revitalize the immune, nervous, and lymphatic systems. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated statements made about specific supplements, nor does the Food and Drug Administration recognize that any nutritional supplement is to be used as a cure for any condition.

I agree to digitally sign this affidavit, without coercion or remuneration, in exchange for access to benefits this Private Health Club offers. By clicking “I agree” at the time of creating my membership, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the above-stated terms.

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