Thyroid Boost Package

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Thyroid Boost Package includes multiple herbal formulas to boost the Thyroid and it’s function. This package includes
-8.4 Fl Ounce Thyroid Boost Tincture
-Parasite Detox Tea 40 days
-Thyroid Boost Capsules 30 days
-Adrenal Support Capsules 30 days
-Purple Sea Moss 30 days


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1 review for Thyroid Boost Package

    December 21, 2022
    I went to the doctor for labwork in March 2022 and I discovered I had hypothyroid and Thrombocytopenia (low platelets.) The doctor basically prescribed me some prescription (hormones) for the thyroid and referred me to a specialist for the platelets. I never went to a specialist or took prescribed medication. The person I spoke to for the health consultation recommended this Thyroid Boost Package. I also got the adrenal support and purple sea moss from there. I took these things religiously and went for bloodwork again in November 2022 (Eight months later...) The hypothyroid AND Thrombocytopenia was literally cured according to the doctors. My TSH levels went back to normal. As far as the platelet issues I think it was accredited to the purple sea moss?
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