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I recently came across some information that hopefully will be able to help a lot of people. This is research that has been minimally circulating on the internet. Here, I reveal this Pubmed research article that was published in 2013. This article: ” Nigella Sativa Concoction Induced Sustained Seroreversion in HIV Patients “, stated research doctors in another country had permanently reversed an individual’s HIV status from HIV+ to HIV- within a six months time span. Check this out: 

The pre-treatment CD4 count and viral (HIV-RNA) load were 250cells/mm3 and 27, 000 copies/ml respectively. The herbal therapist commenced treatment by dispensing 10mls three times daily of Nigella sativa concoction for 4 months effective from August 2009. He was monitored daily and visited regularly to ascertain the effectiveness of the herbal concoction.

However, because of the patient’s occupation schedule (worked 7am – 7pm daily), he could only take the medication twice daily, thus lasting for almost 6 months (January 2010). The fever, malaise, and diarrhea disappeared on the 5th and 7th day respectively. The multiple papular pruritic lesions disappeared on the 20th day. However, the 1st monthly CD4 count was reduced drastically (160 cells/ mm3) despite rapid clinical improvement and significant viral (HIV-RNA) load (1000 copies/ml).

Surprisingly, the CD4 count increased gradually from the 2nd month and viral load became undetectable. The CD4 count and viral (HIV-RNA) repeated at the end of therapy were 650cells/ mm3 and undetectable (≤ 50copies/ml) respectively. HIV screening (EIA) and Western blot were repeated on 187th day on herbal concoction therapy and were both negative. The patient was followed up regularly with repeated HIV screening, confirmation (Western blot), CD4 count, and viral (HIV-RNA), with all showing seronegativity and undetectable viral load with normal CD4 count (≥750cells/ mm3). The patient was not on HAART before, during or after the Nigella sativa concoction therapy.

These doctors administered the HIV+ individual 10 Mls of a crushed and powdered Nigella Sativa concoction(concoction contained 60% Nigella Sativa seed and 40% honey), two times daily for 6 months. After the time span of 6 months, the doctors then tested the individual for 24 months after treatment and he continued to be HIV-.

After nights of searching for answers, I came across a commentator on a social media platform.

This lady stated that she was divinely guided after listening to a spiritualist who connected her with her deceased ancestors who guided her to take crushed and powdered black seed. She claimed, that she followed through with what her ancestors said, and after 10 years of being HIV positive. Became HIV negative.

I have also seen other researchers that have shared this exact information and who also reported that multiple people also stated after only a few months were able to get negative results for this health problem. This is not information that is just going to be given on a silver platter for free. This information needs to be highly searched after. Thankfully, and with my best intention, I am sharing this with you.

Supposedly, which is also interesting, they stated they did not mix the crushed and powdered black seeds with honey, they only ingested the powdered black seeds. Although there is evidence that mixing Powdered Black Seeds with raw organic honey increases its potency as stated in this report.

The lady who claimed she became HIV negative by using black seeds is named Xernna Nieves.

My thoughts..

I’ve been researching natural remedies and cures for diseases for years, as it is a passion of mine. But I only started writing these blogs recently in 2021 with opening an all-herbal store online and in real life named “QuietQrew Herbal.” Something now that I know is true, is that the diseases that the medical-industrial complex(MIC) determines to be “incurable“, are actually the easiest diseases to cure. Most of the MIC diseases like Cancer, HIV, and Herpes Family of  Viruses to be incurable because these are the same diseases that circulate the most money and fear.

Why would the MIC ever let out and expose the cure for cancer? When the average cancer patient makes an average income of $150,000 a year per patient?
To these evil entities, we are merely their “experimental cattle, and sheep”.

The medical-industrial complex basically governs elected government through lobbying, and self-appointments within regulatory agencies.

When it comes to us, the people, we have to do our own research. I encourage you all to not only listen to me but do rigorous online searching for answers. Consider only using platforms that allow the sharing of people’s truth like Bitchute and

Searching for answers sometimes comes from divine guidance too, so listen to your inner self and share with the world. Many alternative medicine modalities and remedies online are being suppressed and censored. This includes Social Media Platforms of all Kinds and Google. There is an article that was done by Sean Martu, that mentions of his research about this. Here is the link to his information: ” Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Youtube are Censoring Alternative Health“.

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Here is where you can see the report data:

Nigella Sativa Concoction Induced Sustained Seroreversion in HIV Patient – PMC (

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  1. David Nieves October 6, 2022 Reply

    This is a very interesting and informative article. Amazing information that Pharma would not want you to know to keep you unwell and bank on you. Sadly instead of make each other better and helping one another greed and capitalism seems to be the only center point these companies and CEO people care about. This is a great read.

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